Welcome, it’s Julia here

I'm a wedding blog writer

I help wedding photographers write blogs and create a content strategy

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Julia - Wedding Freelancer


What I Do

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Data Analysis

I take time and care with selecting the best blog ideas and researching keywords. My blogs have a head start in the ranking game.

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SEO Optimization

I deliver tailored SEO optimization for each client individually. 90% of traffic comes from first page results, I can help get you there.

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Modern Design​

Nobody wants to hear that old head boring tone writing, let me show you how content is written in 2024.

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Branding Strategy

My blogs will streamline your content operations and create a unified and bold brand experience for your clients.

my strategy

Grow Your Business

When it comes to writing wedding blogs and guides, I refer to myself as an expert. I specialise in creating modern, SEO optimized and engaging wedding blogs that have NEVER failed to bring customers.

Content is currency in today’s online world. One of the best ways to begin generating content is through an informative blog.

If you’re relying on word-of-mouth for leads to fill your pipeline, it’s going to be an uphill battle. Stop crossing your fingers (and toes) hoping that your next check is going to appear on your doorstep, join the new era of marketing and brand yourself through blogs.

Together we can figure out an entertaining and creative content strategy that will bring loads of new attention to your business. I listen intently and ask questions to help capture the essence of your business and clarify the story you want to tell.


My Services

Content Creation

Inc. Blogs, Articles, Guides and Tips
£0.20 / $0.26 /per word
  • Creative Copy
  • Top Level SEO
  • Eye Catching Metadata
  • Up to 2 Revisions
  • Vibrant Alt-Text **

Are you a wedding photographer who needs blog writers? I provide the most affordable and reliable wedding blog writer services in the industry. I offer top-notch writing skills at competitive prices.

I am a professional writer with over six years of experience in writing and SEO. I am available to write blogs, articles and other content for your website.

Automate your content and get back to scaling your biz while I produce high-quality, original content that Google LOVES! 

I offer more services like bundles and full blog pages if it’s something you’re interested in, these are massively discounted

At all times I have a list of carefully researched and SEO optimized wedding blog ideas which you can choose from to bring more traffic to your site in case you don’t have any briefs of your own. 

Wanna know more? Drop me an email so that I can help you and tell you more about our service, you can also click the button below to find out more 🙂


What People Say

Here are some of the stories of people who took the leap and worked with WritingWeddings. See how I’m helping photographers work smarter.

My proudest work includes photographers like Wojciech Koza who has been named “Best Documentary Wedding Photographer 2020 & 2021” in the Irish Enterprise Awards.

Writing Weddings Customer Wojciech Koza

It’s now been over a year and a half since I started working with Writing Weddings and it’s been incredible. We started off on a blog a month and before I knew it I had a fully up and running blog from scratch. They have now doubled my organic traffic and paid themselves off tenfold.

They continue to help me writing my new blogs which include new ventures like elopements, I was surprised at how much they know!

Wojciech Koza
Natural Wedding Photographer

They did such an incredible job with my blog posts! I gave them some titles of what I was interested in having for my blog and they delivered such a great piece of work. I just recently checked my google analytics and a recent blog about “eloping in miami”, has been my top searched blog this month!! I love that! Plus I already received one inquiry from it! Needless to say, they do an amazing job and focus on SEO, which is important to me. Highly recommend them and will use their services again in the future! Thank you!

Michelle Gonzalez
Wedding Photographer
Writing Weddings Customer Olivia May Gray

I tried their single content service and fell in love with their blogs, it’s amazing because I’ve worked with so many content writers and each one lacks in at least one field.

I think it’s more to do with their understanding of modern age weddings and how they can easily communicate with the current era, they understand topics like elopements and marquee weddings.

Olivia-May Gray
Documentary Wedding Photographer


Get in touch if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them. If you have any projects, creative ideas or new opportunities, you know what to do…