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Brides and grooms have hundreds of questions about their big day and will most likely use Google to search for their answers. You should have valuable resources on your site for anyone that’s getting married.

Each of your photography sessions can be turned into content, the beauty of it is that for wedding photographers there is no limit to how many wedding blogs you want to have. Wedding photographers can indulge themselves into any single sub industry in weddings, I write blogs about dresses, flowers, seasons, venues, destination weddings and many more tips and guides.

I turn your best work into a beautiful blog that’s optimized for SEO and bringing you new customers. Keep your content fresh with regular blogs that will build brand awareness and generate new leads. It’s important to have an online presence now more than ever. If you can’t be easily found online, someone else will be there instead – the easiest way to build online presence is through blogs and guides.

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My Pricing

I always suggest frequent blogging to every single photographer, client or not, however what I usually hear is “I don’t know how to write blogs” or “I don’t have any time to write” or “I suck at SEO, what’s the point if they don’t rank?”.

Wedding SEO content marketing is one of the most essential parts of growing your online presence and your business. You can easily delegate content writing to someone like me, I create high quality, unique and modern wedding content that will bring you brand new leads.

Content Creation

Inc. Blogs, Articles, Guides and Tips
£0.20 / $0.26 /per word
  • Creative Copy
  • Top Level SEO
  • Eye Catching Metadata
  • Up to 2 Revisions
  • Vibrant Alt-Text **

I want to help you skyrocket your content strategy or introduce you to and set your foot inside the Google ranks. You’ll be able to publish professional, well written, SEO optimised content on a consistent schedule.

500 word blog? £100 / $130.

1000 word blog? £200 / $260.

2000 word blog? £400 / $520.

A 2000 word blog with us will cost you less than an 800 word blog with anyone else. I can guarantee the same (if not higher) results, I work with award winning photographers and have never heard a single complaint.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the price?

All our prices include things like an initial meeting, all preparation, research and 2 revisions.

How does the process go?

After we chat we will write you up a letter of agreement (LOA) with estimated price, deadline and goals.


If you’re happy with the LOA we will send you a 50% initial payment based of the estimated word count and when the LOA is signed and payment has been made we begin our work.


After the work is finished you will be contacted with all details, including the word count and final cost.


If any revisions are needed we will do these now and when you are satisfied and accept the work, we will send you payment for the difference.

How do I pay/buy the service?

To begin with our package please contact us here.


After the LOA is signed we will send you a initial 50% payment based of the estimated word count.


The remainder of the payment (difference between 50% initial payment and actual total word count) will be required after the work has been delivered and all revisions etc have been accepted.

What will you need from me?

If you’d like us to include images inside of your blogs then we ask that you provide them for us, we also need these to create alt-text so that we can optimize your blogs fully for SEO. 


We ask that you would provide us with some basic information about yourself and your business so that we can make each blog unique and personalised to you so we can retain your tone and style in our writing.


If we are writing about a wedding you photographed we will need information on all specifics (as we cant research this), brides dress, venue, ceremony etc etc. This can be given in the form of a document or a recorded voice note.


If there is anything else we need, we will mention it inside the LOA.


Get in touch if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them. If you have any projects, creative ideas or new opportunities, you know what to do…